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Private Video Message from Bob the Canadian

Private Video Message from Bob the Canadian

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Digital Product. No Shipping Fees. Product will be delivered via an email link. 25% discount when ordering 3 or more items!

If you order this product I will record a private video message for you up to 2 minutes in length and send it to you.

This might seem a bit silly, but I regularly get requests to make private videos for people. Maybe you are a teacher and would like to purchase this as a gift for your class, maybe you and some other students want to buy this as a gift for your teacher, or maybe you just want to send a word of encouragement to someone who is learning English.

Once your order is placed I will email you further details about your video, asking you questions about the content, the person it is for, proper pronunciation of names, etc.  The video will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube as a private video within 72 hours and the link will be sent to you via email.

Note: When ordering this product be sure to use a valid email address!

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