An English Lesson about Connecting and Attaching

Free English Class! Topic: Connecting and Attaching! 📌🔌🧷

In this English lesson you'll learn about words we use to describe things that attach to other things. In our lives, we regularly attach things to other things. It's then important when learning the English language to study the words we use to talk about this. If you want to be able to describe how we connect trailers to cars, attach posters to walls, and plug vacuum cleaners into outlet then this lesson will be great for you!

In this English lesson you'll learn words and phrases like: hook, eyelet, latch, hot glue gun, fitting, clamp, staples, knot, rubber band, elastic, pin, tape, glue stick, clasp, outlet, hitch, tongue, and many more! I hope you enjoy this free English class about connecting and attaching! Have a great day!

✅ This lesson has a study pack which includes several worksheets and the original slides. You can find it right here:

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