Free English Class! Topic: Sounds Our Bodies Make! 🤏👃🏽🗣️ (Lesson Only)

Free English Class! Topic: Sounds Our Bodies Make! 🤏👃🏽🗣️ (Lesson Only)

Our bodies make some strange involuntary sounds and sometimes we make sounds voluntarily. I thought it would make an English lesson on this topic. All of the words and phrases in this lesson are very common in English, so in this English class I'll help you learn them!

Involuntary sounds are sounds we make without deciding to. We're all aware that sometimes our bodies make sounds after we've eaten, when we're hungry, or when we're not feeling well. We don't decide to make these sounds. They just happen and can sometimes be embarrasing!

There are also things we do with our hands, fingers, feet, throat, and our breathing to express ourselves. These are sounds we make because we want to let people know we're bored, annoyed, or not interested in something that is happening.

In this English lesson you'll learn words and phrases like: snap your fingers, tap your fingers, gasp, stomach growl, stomach rumble, groan, gasp, gulp, grunt, clearing throat, wheeze, snore, sigh, yawn, cough, sneeze, whistle, fat, burp , and many more!

Our bodies can sometimes make some strange sounds, and it's good to learn this English vocabulary so you can talk about the sounds our bodies make in your next conversation. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for watching this English lesson about body sounds!

✅ This English lesson has a study pack. It includes the original slides and several worksheets! It is right here:

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