Hi!  Are You Ready to Learn English?

Bob the Canadian here from the Youtube channel:  Learn English with Bob the Canadian

I am a professional language teacher in a high school in Canada. I also teach English via my youtube channel.

I am here to help you with your English speaking, your English conversation, and your English grammar.  Here you will learn how to improve your English, how to speak English better, and how to increase your English vocabulary.

I have put together a series of easy English videos for English learners to get the inside scoop on how English really sounds.

In each video I take time to explain the differences between written and spoken English.

I clearly articulate why sometimes what you read when learning english isn’t what you hear in actual conversation.

English speakers tend to contract their speech during conversations which can result in English language learners struggling to keep up.

I will go over all the intricacies of how English actually sounds, one phrase or questions at a time, to make English learning easy, and to help the English learner.

Learn English with Bob the Canadian.

A great place to learn english.