Sometimes you just need to ask for help in English.

In this English lesson I’ll look at a few ways to ask for help in English – when you are in danger, when you need to ask politely, and quick and direct ways to ask when you need help quick.


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Hi Bob the Canadian here.

In life there are times when you need to be able to ask someone for help. Maybe you’re in danger or trapped somewhere. Maybe you just want to ask for help because you’re going to attempt a task that you know will be too difficult to do alone.

Or maybe you’ve already started on a task, and you’re of the middle of doing it and you’ve found out it is too difficult and you want to ask more directly for help.

So let’s look at a number of ways to ask for help in English.

Let’s first look at the situation of being in danger or trapped. Imagine you’re in an elevator and you need to be able to yell for help.

The simplest way to do this in English is to yell, “Help”.

“Help! I’m stuck in an elevator!”

“Help! I’m stuck in the elevator!””

You could also say, “Help me!”

“Help me! I’m stuck in the elevator.”

And if it’s more than just you, you could say, “Help us! We’re stuck in the elevator!”

In the second situation, let’s imagine you’re about to attempt a task and you know it’s going to be too difficult.

Maybe there’s a large box that you know you can’t lift. There are several ways to politely ask for help to be able to do this job.

The first would be to ask someone, “Could you help me lift this box?”

You could also say, “Would you be able to help me lift this box?”

You could also say, “Could you give me a hand with this box?”

Those are ways to politely ask someone to help you with a job before you do it.

But let’s imagine you thought you could lift the box yourself, but you’ve lifted it and you realize it’s too heavy and you are going to drop it.

Here are a few ways to ask someone more directly for help.

You could say, “Little help here please!”


“I could use a little help here please.”


“Give me a hand!”

All of these are ways to ask more directly for help when you’re in the middle of a task that maybe you should not have attempted in the first place.

Well that’s a number of ways to ask for help in different situations. I hope this has helped you a little bit while you continue to learn English.

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