In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase make short work of. If you want to make short work of something, if you say that in English, it means you want to get a job done quickly and efficiently. Sometimes Jen and I have jobs to do on the farm, and in order to make short work of them, in order to do them quickly and to do them efficiently, we will work together. If there is a job that would take one person an hour, sometimes if two people do it at the same time, they can make short work of it. They can do it much more quickly and they can do it much more efficiently. Although, I will admit something here. Sometimes when Jen and I do jobs together, we don’t get along so well, we’re better off doing jobs separately sometimes. We do get along really well 99% of the time, but sometimes when we’re trying to make short work of something by doing it together, we end up getting in little arguments. I guess we’re just normal people like everyone else in the world.

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