Hi Bob the Canadian here.  The internet, smartphones, and computers are amazing tools to help you learn to speak English fluently.  In this video we’re going to look at four different websites and apps that you can use to help you learn English.

But you know what?  The weather outside today isn’t that great.  So why don’t we go inside and I’ll try to do this with my computer.

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Let’s go inside.

So the first website and app we’re going to look at is a product duolingo.com.  

Duolingo is based on levels.  And in each level you will find lessons.  So let’s do one of these lessons just to give you a sense of how this works.  I’m not going to talk you through how to get an account.  I think you’ll be able to figure that out yourself, but let’s look at first of all how to get into this.  We’re going to click here and we’re gonna to say, “Add a new course.”

And I’m going to pretend that I’m a French speaker that wants to learn English.  So I’m going to say I speak French.  And you’ll notice, let me open that back up again for you.  There are several languages in here:  Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, et cetera.  But I’m going to say I speak French and then over here you’ll notice that I can sign up for “Learning English for French Speakers”.  And I’ll click that.  I’ll say switch to this course.  And now will put us into Unité Anglais because it knows that I’m a French speaker.

If you had chosen Chinese all of this would be in Chinese.

And let’s go ahead and look at Basics 2.  So Basics 2 I’m going to redo lesson 1.  It says here basically in English choose the word for newspaper.  I’ll click it says newspaper in English, I’ll verify and I’ll continue.  Here it says write in English the word for newspaper.  So I’m going to write newspaper.  And again, here you see the French word, but if you’re whatever language you had chosen it would show that language there.

And click.  Oh and I forgot to put “The” in front.  So it marked it as wrong.  So here it wants me to put it in French.  Hopefully I don’t make a mistake.  And I’m going to exit out from this now, because I think you get the idea of what each of these levels is.  And if I scroll down you can see that it’s quite comprehensive.  I finished the entire Duolingo module for French going as an English speaker to practice my French and it took a few months, but I really like it cause it was quite comprehensive.  The other thing it gives you is objectives.  So you can say to yourself, let me just switch this back to English for a sec.  We’ll go to this.

Here we go it’s just flipping.  So I can set a daily goal.  It will remind me.  I can strengthen skills.  There’s achievements that I can try to get to do better.  And then as well there’s there’s a store where you can buy certain things to motivate yourself.  So that is kind of neat.  So that’s Duolingo.  I do recommend that you try this.  It’s pretty neat.  As well I’ll go to the next tab here, it is available as an app for your iPhone for your Android phone, et cetera.  So that’s Duolingo.  And once again it’s free.  Completely free.

So yeah, let’s take a look now at Quizlet.  

So Quizlet is kind of interesting.  You, you don’t need to make an account to use this.  What I would suggest you do with Quizlet is just go straight to Quizlet.com and click Search and let’s just do Animals English Spanish.  So I’m looking for a vocabulary set where I can practice my Animals from English to Spanish.  So here I found one 37 terms Animals English Spanish.  I can click on that and it’ll take me to once this is loaded up I can scroll down and you can see that it has the Spanish.  It has the English.  And it has a picture.  So I have a list, but the real power comes in the fact that Quizlet has kind of made flashcards in computer form.

So I can go to Flashcards.  And once I’m here I see iguana, and the it says Iguana and I can also flip this l’iguana. See! I can speak Spanish now.

I’m using the arrow keys on the keyboard by the way.  Up and down, Up and down flips it.  The right arrow, the right arrow takes me to the next one.  But that’s just one.  So we go back to the main menu.  I click the back button there, and I’m going to say no to translation.  I don’t want it to translate for me.

There’s flashcards, there’s write, there’s spell, there’s test.  I in particular like playing match.

So match will put a number of the terms on the screen at the same time, and then you’ll have to you know connect them together, so because I don’t speak Spanish I’m going to say rat is la rata, so I’m gonna to drag this over here.  I got one right!  I’m pretty excited about that.  But I’m gonna go back out of this.  So that’s Quizlet.  Again you can search for almost any kind of vocabulary set.

For instance if we did, Foods English Chinese, if you’re a Chinese speaker learning English.  You’ll see it will bring up a number of sets that people have made that you can look at where you can see the both the Chinese the English and the picture and the picture.

And then once again, as with Duolingo, there is an App.  And the apps kinda cool.  You can play the matching game on the app, et cetera.  And you can get it from the app store.  So either for your iPhone or for an Android device.

So let’s move along.

Lyricstraining is kind of cool, because what it’s done is it’s combined testing with music.  

What I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna do a search we’re at lyricstraining.com by the way.  I’m gonna do a search for “Let it Go”.  And there’s there’s a lot of songs on here so you should be able to find some English songs that you like.

What it’s going to do, it’s going to bring up what game mode do I want to play, and I’m gonna say “Intermediate” and I’m gonna choose over here “Choice Mode” and you’ll see what this does in a minute.  “Choice Mode” and I’m gonna click “Start Game”

You don’t need an account to play, but you do have to click “Maybe Later” at the bottom. You can create an account if you want, it’s still free.

I’m gonna click maybe later.  And what’s going to happen now is you’ll hear the music start, you’ll see the video playing in the middle here, and on the right hand side there are words to choose from.  And at the bottom it shows the first line of the lyric.  The first line of the song.

So you’ll hear the music fade out because I have not selected what word goes in this blank.  And you can see the bar’s going down here.  I’m gonna select glows.  And you probably heard this is “A”.  And “A” again. I’m a queen.

This is really easy for me, probably because I’m an English speaker.

But you can use this you can go and find a lot different songs.  I’m just gonna hit pause for  a sec here and then I’m gonna say quit and then I’m gonna choose Intermediate and I’m gonna show you “Write Mode”.  So this is another mode that you can do.  Again I’m gonna click “Maybe Later” at the bottom.  Now I would have to type the word.  So instead instead of having options over here, I have to actually type the word out. So the snow, I think it’s “glows”  cause I sing this song a lot.  No I don’t.  “ Glows”  and you’ll see that it jumped forward.

So I’m gonna stop this now.  And I’m gonna say “Quit Game”.  And I’m just gonna show you one other thing.  Down here there’s two options.  One is “Karaoke” which allows you to listen to the song with no blanks or testing and just see the words at the bottom.  And you can also click “Print Lyrics” and a new tab will open with the entire song lyrics for you to reference.

And then just again like Duolingo and Quizlet I’ll just show you this screen here, you can get lyricstraining from the Google Play store or the App Store again it’s free.  Free for you to use.

So that’s kind of a neat way to learn English and to practice English.  Music is very powerful by the way when you are learning a language so I highly recommend that you do that.

Memrise is kind of an interesting one.  

You do need to sign up for an account.  And what Engl… what Memrise will do is , I’ll just show you I’ll kind of back out here for a sec.  I’m already logged in.  I’m pretty sure you guys are computer savvy.  You know how to use computers, and you’ll be able to log in.

So I’m logged in.  I selected “Courses” and I speak English, but this doesn’t really matter.  What matters is I’m gonna click “English” here from the categories.  And I’m gonna say yeah there’s just some really nice tests in here.  I’m gonna say that I want to try the 400 words one.

And again this is a little bit like Quizlet. You’ll notice if you can see here that there’s a whole bunch of levels for you to try.  I’m gonna just say “Learn” and it’s gonna jump right in.  And I’m gonna say “Learn These Words” level one.

So you see “Cultivation” the process of preparing land for growing crops.  I get the pronunciation read to me.  I can click “Next” irrigation a means of supplying water. And now it’s going to test me.  So what is the process for preparing land for growing crops?  We just heard “Irrigation” and “Cultivation” we’re gonna go with “Cultivation”.  And I got 45 points over here.  It goes on to the next one.

So the really neat thing about Memrise, is that it tracks what you know and don’t know.

 And then it makes you practice the words that you get wrong more often.  I’m gonna “x” out of this.  Just to get back to the main menu.  But it’ll actually kind of keep track along the way of how many words you know, and it’ll and it’ll challenge you to practice the words that you get wrong a lot more often.

And then just the last part again just Memrise also available as an app for both your iPhone and your Android phone.  So I highly recommend getting that, getting that.  It’s just really good for practicing.

So from the beginning: Duolingo, Quizlet, I’m gonna go back to the main menu here.  Quizlet.  We have Lyricstraining.  And we have Memrise.  Again all the links are below.

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Thanks again for watching.  Bob the Canadian here.  Learn English with Bob the Canadian. Have a great day!


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